21 ways of turning pallets into unique pieces of furniture

If you can get a used wooden pallet, possibly with a very cheap price, the ideas and the following tips may be very interesting to do. With little touches, a collection of used wooden pallets can be transformed into furniture that can be placed in the house or in your yard. We will give you some ideas that you can apply later.

1) Table Lamp

This table lamp consists of several component parts: the top and shelves are made from small pieces of wood held together with wood glue, while the legs and connecting leg made of solid wood.

You have to prepare some materials, namely: four pieces of wood for table legs, 4 section pieces of wood to connect the table top, 4 section pieces of wood to connect the bottom of the table leg, and wooden pallets for shelves and countertops. You can see an example of result by looking at the picture below:

DIY Table Lamp from pallets


  • Make the two sides of the mortise, on each foot; 2 pieces on top and 2 on the bottom.
  • Then create a tendon on each end of connector between the legs.
  • Add variation on pallets with pieces of wood with different colors.
  • Combine all the components using glue (that’s made specifically for wood); have them connected with the tendon and mortise. Pinch all the components using a clamp and then make a hole using a drill at the foot of the table, each with 2 holes and insert the dowel pin into it by using a hammer.
  • Put this combination on the top and on the shelves using a small nail or screw.
  • Finish it using sandpaper, filler and give varnish on the table.

2) Tables for outdoor

This weekend could be a day when you can get a table done. This table can be placed in your garden, for accompanying you when the tea time comes.

First you need to get two wood pallets, gray stain, L – screws and brackets, 4 caster wheels (with bolts and nuts), and one wood measuring 4 x 4. Here is the instruction for making tables for outdoors

  • Choose the exact height you want (in this example, we picked up 21”).
  • Subtracted the height of two pallets and the casters (we chose 15”)
  • Cut one wood measuring 4 x 4. This will be used for additional four legs, each measuring 6”.
  • Attach the legs to the underside of the upper pallet and the top of lower pallet.
  • Attach these four legs using bolts and nuts.
  • Finish it with gray stain in order to add subtle colors. It is up to you to decide which color to use for the table.

There, you have finished a table for outdoors. Here is an image to be used as a reference:

DIY Tables for outdoor from pallets

{found on joyeverafter}

3) Computer Desk

If you don’t’ want to spend some money just to buy computer desk, then you can make one sing floor boards + 1 pallet + thick ply wood measuring 5 mm + four vika curry legs. It is easy to find these materials, so what you need to do now is just sitting and read the whole paragraph.

Once you done with these materials, you got a beautiful yet sturdy computer desk to be used by your children. The desk should be functional, and easy to make. Here is an illustration on how to build such a functionalized computer desk.

DIY Ikea Pallet Computer Desk

DIY Computer Desk from pallets

{found on ikeahackers}

4) Coffee table with oriental style

Perhaps you are a fan of coffee, and you want to have something like coffee table with certain styles that would make your day to become perfect. In this sense, you may pick up an ethnic-looking, modern one coffee table with ochre stripes. You can see the table by looking at a picture below:

DIY Coffee table with oriental style from pallets

So, some of you might be asking: how to make a coffee table with such a beautiful design. Here are materials needed:

  • A pallet measuring 75 x 75 cm (2.5 x 2.5 ft) square. The pallet should be in a good condition and has been sanded.
  • Two pieces of thin hardboard
  • Nails, screws, and glue

To make the table, you have to follow these instructions:

• First, you need to cut the hardboard. Put them in between the boards. You have to make sure that the underneath of the boards is hard to be spotted. Put it simple: you need to make them shorter. Nail down and then glue each piece of hardboard. At the ends of the pallet boards, you need to nail any type of wood (cheap ones are enough, such as wooden crate) along the end of the pallet boards. This need to done so you got a makeshift formwork. This picture should help you:

DIY Coffee table with oriental style from pallets

• Now you will spot the cracks, and you have to fill them. Got a few pieces of scrap wood and nail them down. After that, you may a lot of wood stripes, and you need to get rid of them using mortar. These pictures should help you imagining things you have to do until on this phase.

DIY Coffee table with oriental style from pallets

•  Wait until the mortar dries, and then you need to remove formwork. Sand the table top, and then cut hardboard into some pieces, so that you got enough support for the drawers.  Take a look at this picture:

DIY Coffee table with oriental style from pallets 4

•    You can now paint the mortar. We were using potato paint for this table, with linseed oil for its finishing.
•    Last step. Make legs for the table using two boards (thick ones). Attach them to the side of the pallet – here you need to use 80 mm screws.

{found on espritcabane}

5) Pallet Sofa

A cozy sofa is enough to be put into the living room, but surely you don’t have to buy a new sofa. You can use pallet wood to make a cute sofa with certain motifs that will surely add more ambiences into your living room.  So, how to make such a cute sofa?
First of all, you need to prepare a plastic pallet. Cut the pallet in half, and then you need to add legs and steel plates in order to create stability. Some cushions can be added, and they should make the sofa easy to use and comfortable.

Cozy pallet sofa

{found on recyclart}

6) Pallets for Patio Furniture

The good thing is: you can have pallet for patio furniture. It is easy to make them since these pallets need to be attached to each other. And you may paint them for finishing and give them legs. However, you must be fully aware to wooden pallets that are treated with chemicals. Choose pallets with no chemicals.

Pallets for Patio Furniture

7)    Pallets for outdoor lounger

How to make such thing as an outdoor lounger? Well, now you can get pallets and start working for a lounger. At this point, you need to grab four pallets (each has the same size), then stacking them one by one.  To make a backrest, you need to take 2x4s wooden materials. Attach them on the other side, to the top boards. You can paint it with a vibrant color.

Pallets for outdoor lounger

{found on shoestringpavilion}

8) Pallet Tiki Bar

If you’d like to have a mini bar in your home, why don’t you use wooden pallets to make one? You could use two reclined pallets (one cut in half and a whole pallet). For the end of the bar, you can use a pallet that has been cut in half. You can also add something more, like MDF for the top. The rest depends on your imagination. However, you might need to take a look on this picture:

Tiki bar from pallets

{found on hometalk}

9) Pallet Picnic Table

It should be a nice idea when you thinking about a pallet picnic table. However, you can make your own table instead of buying a new one.

If you want to make a farmhouse table, you have to prepare the following materials:

  • Three pallets. Two of them should be measuring 120 x 120 cm, whereas the other one can have any dimension.
  • Plywood screws
  • A claw hammer
  • A crowbar
  • An electric saw
  • A electrical sander

You have to cut two pallets and stack them in the appropriate section. Otherwise you need to adjust the height and put the piece of wood under the corner of “legs” table. Here are some pictures that may help you in putting everything in the right place.

Pallet Picnic Table

{found on eriestuff}

10) A Pallet Bed for Pets

Yes, you can make a bed for your pets using the pallets. It is very easy for you to make such a kind of pallet bed, since it won’t cost you too much. First of all, you need to have the pallets in any dimension. Shape a rectangular structure by cutting it in exact measure, and there you finish with a cute pallet bed for your pets. You can also add some pillow on it. Here is an example of picture about a pallet bed:

Pallet Bed for Pets

{found on etsy}

11) Pallet bookshelf and bike rack

Now it would be a nice idea to create bookshelves using pallets, since you don’t have to modify them. Things you need to do are jut only placing the pallets along the wall and then secure them. You may want to add some shelves and then everything would be ready. If you want to finish it, use paint with vibrant color.

Pallet bookshelf and bike rack

{found on flickr}

12) Pallet Daybed

Do you need some extra beds? Well, you don’t have to buy any, because now you can make them using pallets. It would be easier for you to make beds using pallets because the result is quite comfortable and look safe as well. Pick up shipping pallets and then stack them one by one. You can then secure them, and add a mattress on top of them. It is simple, is not it? Just remember, this extra bed is not meant for adult.

DIY Pallet Daybed

{found on prudentbaby}

13) Mudroom shoe rack

A very practical show rack can be made of discarded pallet.  It is easy to make it since all you have to do is just cleaning the pallet and then put it vertically on a wall. If you wish, you can add a finishing, like paint the shoe rack to make it looks more attractive. Everything would be so simple, and it should be simpler as is. Here is a picture to guide you in making a shoe rack to be placed in any corner of your home.

Mudroom shoe rack

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