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DNS Codes For Netflix USA Updated April 2014

So, are you living in abroad for a moment? Are you trying to get escape from the cold winter in USA? Or you probably just want to have different experience with family in celebrating Christmas. Have you set the plan for what you are going to do during this vacation? Well, watching favorite movies with the loved ones seems still to be the best idea to be put on the list. It will sound better too if you have already subscribed on DNS Codes For Netflix USA.

Netflix is an American based provider for internet streaming service which is available for limit access from North and South America, United Kingdom, the Caribbean, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands. In the United States, the service is also provided in flat rate DVD-by-mail service. If you have USA Netflix account, you can’t use the local DNS codes. You will need to use special codes to get an access to your USA account as the streaming offerings available from abroad are not as good as what US Netflix has to offer. You will get more options and times to choose. What you need to do to log in to your account is entering the special DNS addresses to your device. The DNS Codes For USA Netflix are easy to find online. Make sure you use the updated ones because the out-of-date address may not work anymore. (Read also about Netflix on Wikipedia).

American DNS Codes – April 2014 has been updated!!

You can choose the following updated DNS codes for April 2014:

Download American Netflix DNS List April 2014

Download American Netflix DNS

Here How To watch US Netflix using an iPad or iPhone: enter the SETTINGS, select WI-FI then click on the blue arrow to select YOUR WI-FI NETWORK. Scroll down secreen and enter DNS Now, enjoy watch American based Netflix from your iPad.

Here is how to get your Wii, PS 3, PS4, PlayStation, Xbox 360, Apple TV, PC, and ROKU streaming players, Blu-Ray DVD players, Android Phone, iPod, iPhone, Windows Phone, Google Tablet and other possible devices ready to access your USA Netflix account:

How to set the DNS codes on your PS3 for US Netflix

  • Log in to your device. Take for example PS3
  • Choose Network Settings
  • Choose Internet Settings
  • Just answer “Yes”. It is how to disconnect from the internet that you are currently connected to.
  • Then, select the custom option
  • Just leave all the settings as they are, except the DNS settings.
  • Choose the manual option.
  • Select the DNS numbers and enter them to the available space
  • Save the settings and reboot your device.
  • Now, you can start accessing your US Netflix account through the PlayStation 3.

Changing the DNS Codes For USA Netflix is the popular method to access US Netflix account from abroad. This method works to make the computer think that you are in the USA and will help you sign in certain internet searches which are targeted to USA residents. If you find an issue after entering the new DNS Codes For Netflix USA, you can reboot your device. It usually works that way, commonly happens to PS3 and Apple TV. The DNS addresses above have been tested in the UK and Canada. They work in most international countries. After you finish with the fun in accessing the Netflix account, make sure you do not forget to change the DNS settings back as before, especially if you want your computer or mobile device know which country you are in.

Updated American Netflix Codes for PS4 -> GET THE TUTORIAL HERE

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